Monday, November 30, 2015

Finish Strong, Start Well

At this time of year organizations who are good planners will ideally have a pretty good idea of how they will wrap up the year and the focus areas for next year will be very well defined.

In a meeting with a client last week, a particularly creative client named John, he used the term, "Finish Strong."  Have to admit I loved it as a way to focus in bringing the energy of your team to the last few important things which need to be done by year end.

Need to add a few new prospects to your funnel?  Get the requests out now before we slip into next year.

Almost done with that key project due at year end?  Review the final few action items and send them out to the team to confirm you will be complete.

Financial review due to plan your final tax status prior to year end?  Schedule a time with your advisor to confirm any action steps to collect or allocate funds to be on plan.

Big steps intended for next year which require some research or preparation?  Put the actions required on your calendar and follow through.

Certainly these are just a few examples of actions to move in the direction of Finishing Strong.    They are also important in being ready to Start Well.  The last example in particular, is vital in being ready to gain a quick start in January, on new goals.

Of course this presumes you have set your goals and are ready to run.  If not, call us and we will help you define your 2016 priorities prior to year end.

Finish Strong and Start Well!  Thanks for the thought John!

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